10 Secrets from Eastern Women to Stay Young Forever

All women have their tried and true methods of looking after themselves and these methods tend to vary from country to country. It’s great to have your own secrets but it’s always a good idea to learn from others and incorporate that knowledge into your life. Today we thought we’d look for some beauty tips in the East and tell you about 10 secrets that eastern women swear by to stay young forever.

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1. Multi-Step Cleansing Is Best

Multi-Step Cleansing Is Best | 10 Secrets from Eastern Women to Stay Young Forever | Her Beauty

Korean women swear by multi-step cleansing. They start with oil-based cleansers to dissolve oil-based products like sunscreen and makeup. Then they move on to water-based cleansing foams to cleanse the face from oils and water based products. As a result, you get a squeaky clean face and therefore no breakout, which will keep your skin looking young and glowing for longer.

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