20 Makeup Hacks Every Busy Girl Needs To Know

The only thing that gets us more excited than good makeup is an awesome new way to use that good makeup. Whether it’s figuring out that hairspray can work to set your makeup or that you should be applying lipstick with a concealer brush, makeup hacks are more than just fun — they’re also incredibly helpful. Below, we’ve put together 20 amazing makeup hacks to make your life easier.

1. Heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryerfor a few seconds before curling your lashes to give them extra holding power.

2. Apply your lipstick with a concealer brush for a more precise application.

3. Hold a plastic spoon or business card to your eyelid while applying mascara to avoid stray marks on your lid.

4. Using white eyeliner as an eyelid base will make your bright eyeshadow stand out and last longer.

5. Turn your regular kohl eyeliner into gel liner by holding it under a flame for one second. Let it cool for 15 seconds and gently apply to your lash line.

6. When you first open a new product, write the date on it with a permanent marker. That way, you’ll always know when it will expire.

7. If your lips are a bit chapped or flaky, take an old toothbrush to brush away the flakes to reveal softer, kissable lips.

8. To fix a cracked or broken powder compact,pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the tin. Swirl the liquid and the powder together with a cotton swab until you get a clay-like consistency. Then, let it dry flat for about a day and it’ll be like new.

9. To make your lipstick last, apply the lipstick and then hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue.

10. Clean up the wings of your cat eye with a cotton swab and a dab of concealer. You’ll remove any unwanted excess and cover up the mistake at the same time.

11. Set your makeup for a long night by spraying hairspray straight up in the air, then tilting your head back and closing your eyes to let the hairspray fall back down onto your face.

12. Keep lipstick from getting on your teeth by making an “O” shape with your lips and putting your index finger in your mouth, then pulling it out. The excess lipstick that would’ve gotten on your teeth will come off on your finger.

13.For thicker eyelashes, dust a thin coat of baby powder onto your lashes after your first coat of mascara, then seal it with a second coat. The powder acts as a thickener and your lashes will look much thicker.

14. Control unruly eyebrows by spritzing hairspray onto an old toothbrush and gently brushing through your brows.

15. Stop your under eye concealer from creasing by completely removing any creams or emollients from the area and using a makeup sponge to apply concealer. Set the liquid concealer with a thin veil of powder for extra staying power.

16. In a pinch, use your lipstick as a cream blush. Swipe some color onto the back of your hand first, then use your index finger to apply to the apples of your cheeks.

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17. Give gel eyeliner staying power by going over it with a the same color in a powder formula with an angled liner brush.

18.For the perfect false lash application, apply the adhesive glue to the line of false lashes with the tip of a bobby pin to avoid any excess glue on your eyes. For even more precision, cut them into three or four smaller pieces before applying.

19. To look better in pictures, apply a thin mineral veil of powder down the center of your face with a fluffy brush. It’ll take away shine from the oiliest parts of your skin plus make your face appear just a bit slimmer.

20. If you start to see thinning or bald patches on your eyebrows, apply Rogaine or lash growth serum to the area to help your eyebrows grow.

How To Contour Your Face DependingOn Your Face Shape

Want to know how to contour your face shape? Learn what you need to do…because when it comes to contouring, one size does not fit all! How to Contour Your Face Shape to Perfection Now we know you’ve heard of contouring, right, ladies? For the past two years or so, contouring has blown up all over the internet to become one of the biggest beauty trends around. If you’ve tried and enjoyed the magic it brings, you’ll know that it’s one of the best makeup techniques ever! However, when it comes to contouring, there is no one-size-fits-all technique. So how do you contour your face? It must be done based on your facial shape. To help you out, we already made a list of all the common facial shapes below as well how to contour each face perfectly!

Contouring and highlighting are skills you need to practice. Simply looking at a chart is a good start, but when it’s time to apply it on your face, you may find yourself a bit more confused. Nonetheless, there are the things to keep in mind before you start: Your highlighter should definitely be lighter than your skin tone. Ideally, it should be two shades lighter than your skin to really get that lifting effect. The highlighter must be applied on the areas of the face where light hits. Apply highlight on the forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin, inner corner of the eyes, and on the cheekbones (drawing a C to the temples). As for the bronzer, it must be two shades deeper than your skin if you will use your bronzer for contouring. Please note that some people prefer to use matte contouring palettes and use bronzer for added glow. For contouring, it is used to define the face by working with the shadows. It is usually applied around the hairline (except the middle part of the forehead) and then under the cheekbones. You can also apply contouring powder on the sides of the nose to define the bridge. The secret to a perfectly contoured and highlighted face is blending.

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Step 1: Get the Right Tools Before starting, get a hold of these tools: Tape measure or ruler Pen and paper Mirror

Step 2: Measure Your Face To be able to contour your face to perfection, you need to measure your face accurately. Here’s how:

Measure your forehead across the widest part. Measure your cheekbones by placing the tape across the pointiest part. Measure your jawline from tip to chin to below your ear. Multiply the result by 2. Measure your face length from the from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Step 3: Know Your Face Shape Now that you got your measurements down, compare and see which of these face shapes is yours. Oval – Face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones. Forehead is greater than the jawline. Cheekbones are the widest part. Square – All measurements are fairly equal. Angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded. Heart – Forehead measures greater than the cheekbones and jawline. Forehead and cheekbones are the widest part. Pointy chin. Round – Cheekbones and face length are equal. Forehead and jawline are equal. Angle of the jaw is soft and much less defined. Oblong – Face is noticeably longer than it is wide. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in size. Chin has a rounded shape. Triangle (Inverted) – Jaw is the widest part of your face. Forehead and cheeks are both narrower.

How to Contour Your Face Based on Your Face Shape

Before proceeding, please make sure that you have identified your facial shape and have your tools with you. Are you ready? Find your face shape and start practicing.

1. Oval Face | How to Contour Your Face Oval Face | How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape For this face shape, the focus is on setting the accents as you want the face to appear slimmer and more defined. You can use a contouring cream and create contours on the side temples. You can find this between the eyebrows and the hairline. Apply the contouring cream on the upper part of the forehead as well. Now go down to the jawline, just underneath the cheekbones, and apply a darker shade of contouring cream. Blend a bit closer to the mouth as this creates an illusion of a slimmer face. Blend properly using a contouring brush.

  1. Round Face | How to Contour Your Face Round Face | How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape If you have a round face, the goal is to make it appear more oval, so you will have to do more

work with the shading. Apply contour powder on the left and right temples and blend along the hairline. Do not blend the product on the center of the forehead because you’d want that space to add height to the roundness of the face. Continue to contour the area under the cheekbones as well as the sides of the jawline. Doing this will make the face look more narrow. Blend properly with a contouring brush.

  1. Square Face | How to Contour Your Face
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With a square-shaped face, the goal is to make it more oval as well. What you will need to focus on is softening the sharp areas of the face that make it look square. Apply your contour product to the outer temples and under the cheekbones, but extend it from the ears to the corners of your mouth. For the jawline, you should only contour along the side of the jawbone. Apply your contour product to the outer temples and under the cheekbones, but extend it from the ears to the corners of your mouth. For the jawline, you should only contour along the side of the jawbone. Want to know a secret? I also use brown blush or dark-colored face powder for contouring, like this one!

  1. Heart Face | How to Contour Your Face

Heart Face | How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape If you have a heart-shaped face, your aim is to make your forehead appear narrower as well as make your pointy chin appear rounder. To contour this face shape, you have to apply contouring product on your outer and side temples. This will help narrow down the forehead. Move on to contouring underneath the cheekbones starting from the ear and slowly tapering to the corners of the mouth. Finish off with contouring the pointy part of the chin.

  1. Oblong or Long | How to Contour Your Face

Heart Face | How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape For women with an oblong face shape, you’d want to add some points in your rounded jawline, hairline, and chin. How to contour your face shape? You must contour along the hairline to make it appear like your hairline is lower than it really is. And then you have to contour under the chin to make the face appear rounded. Remember, an oblong face tends to be on the longer side, so the aim is to make it look smaller. Also, contour below the cheekbones; you can start from the ears to the center of the cheeks.

Heart Face | How To Contour Your Face Depending On Your Face Shape Some would say that the inverted triangle shape is similar to a heart shape. Well, that’s partially true, but the big difference is quite evident. Heart-shaped faces have a pointy chin, while inverted triangle faces have a wide jawline. So, how do you contour this face shape? Again, you have to achieve balance. Since the jawline is wider, you have to make it appear narrow. Thus, contour on the jawline and under the cheekbones. There’s no need to contour the temples as that will just make your forehead look smaller compared to the jaw again.

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