Dry Lips? Blame These 10 Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

Dry, chapped lips can drive us to distraction, but some of the things that we rely on to keep them hydrated may actually be doing more harm than good.

11 Dry lips are more than a cosmetic problem


Dry, chapped lips do more than mar an otherwise picturesque smile; dry lips can be painful, especially when they crack and bleed. They tend to occur more often during the cold winter months, but sun exposure can also dry out a pout. “Lips are unbelievably thin [and] unlike other areas of the skin, the lips have no oil glands so they tend to dry out easily,” says Sam Rizk, MD, a New York City facial plastic surgeon Sam Rizk, MD. “The lip borders may become cracked and peel from excessive dryness caused by the weather, cold air, dry air, indoor heating, or exposure to chemicals, and from certain medications.” Some of your habits and choices may be making matters worse, even those that you think are good for lip health. Read on for the biggest lip mistakes, and find out what else causes dry, chapped lips.

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